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Wersquo;ve always found that being in costume for Otakon has been that much more fun even though we missed out on a few panels. Just by being in costume, we were able to meet even more people who shared the same interests and make new friends. Saturday night, we decided to go watch the masquerade. This was our first year not participating in it ourselves but it was a good experience to see what others can come up with in terms of a skit and costume.


The modern Bukhansanseong was built to protect the approach to Seoul, filling a gap in Koreas defences that had become apparent during the second Manchu invasion of 1636, the Bukhansanseong was used as a royal retreat in emergencies, and contains 120 rooms. It was first built in 132 CE by Gaeru of kingdom of Baekje, during Baekje era, this fortress was used for the defense of the capital when Baekje set up its capital at Wiryeseong Fortress in Hanam. The current Bukhansanseong Fortress was built in 1711 CE by King Sukjong of Joseon, the construction of Bukhansanseong Fortress was relatively faster than discussion and planning period. 7 km of Fortress outer wall was built just in 6 month time, Haeng-gung, was built in May 1712, and Jong-seong-mun, which was built to protect inner fortress and essential facilities, such as Haeng-gung or jung-heung-sa, was finished in 1714.]