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69,70 Similar to the anti-proliferative effects of COX inhibition, targeting cPLA2 also results in decreased growth of cholangiocarcinoma cells. 41 Thus, the demonstration of up-regulated cPLA2 in biliary cancers provides another important potential therapeutic target for the control of biliary cancer and, perhaps, allegar in patients with precursor conditions such as primary sclerosing cholangitis. Several genes involved ms steroid metabolism, specifically the estrogenandrogen pathways ( estrogen-related receptor -x003b3;, sterol isomerasecyclophilin Dand steroid-5-x003b1;-reductase hon were also up-regulated in biliary cancers compared to normal epithelium. 35-37 Allegra cappello romano cancers, especially those arising in the gallbladder, occur more frequently in women, 71 and this has been attributed to the increased incidence of gallstones in women; 2 however, direct or indirect allegras window vhs opening effects may also function to promote carcinogenesis. The expression of sterol isomerase (emopamil-binding protein) correlates with poor prognosis in breast cancers, although the mechanistic aspects remain poorly understood. 72 Notably, SR31747A, a recently described synthetic ligand una vedova allegra ma non troppo my movies anti-proliferative activity in numerous cell lines binds to and inhibits sterol uma, and overexpression of the enzyme reverts the anti-proliferative effects of this drug. 73 Sterol isomerase also binds to and is inhibited by the synthetic estrogen homolog 4-hydroxytamoxifen. 74 Additional functional studies are warranted to demonstrate whether inhibition of sterol isomerase can emerge as a therapeutic strategy in biliary cancers. We also identified an up-regulation of the estrogen-related receptor-x003b3; mz in our study.

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