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Due to these activities his house used to have plenty of vegetables, fruits, banana leafs, and even some times masalas even. So due to this excessive vegetables and masalas his housekeeping ladies were very glad and happy to prepare food for all at anytime and everytimes. Hence lot of guests from relatives and friends from all walks of life used to have food with him always. And he was very kind enough to have food with allegra labar instagram login at his Durbar hall. Those days in summer the peoples of Tamil Nadu used to have their diets as Rahi, cholam, kambu etc only. And very few peoples sierra boggess allegra boggess madisonville the city or very rich only used to have Rice as their food habitations. When his relatives from far away villages comes to Tirunelveli town only they gets rice and vegetables as a very rich diets. And also they used to surprise as Athimoolam chettiars family have Rice only through out the year as a diet. So when they reach to their villages they used to tell others about the richness of Athimoolam chettiar and his kindness towards them.

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