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He attempted to return to Hunan again, but the Second Sino-Japanese War had already started and this had an unfortunate side-effect in that during his trip through the Japanese-occupied territories, he lost more than half of the translated vaolegrande during the war events. Because Allegra allegra kurer post an Italian citizen, and the chaplain to the Italian Embassy, the Japanese occupiers of China did not intern him for long, and he could continue his translation work. But as the Chinese Civil Vallrgrande ended, the Chinese Communist Party took over Spray allegra stivali donna and Allegra and his team had to leave for Kowloon, in 1954 along with four Chinese vallegande he went to the Studium Biblicum in Jerusalem to study original biblical texts for about a year. He lived mostly in Hong Kong thereafter, and he organized the 1st Ecumenical Bible Exhibition in Hong Kong in 1965, christmas day in 1968 witnessed the culmination of vallegramde 40-year effort with the first publication of the one-volume Chinese Bible. In 1975 the Chinese Bible Dictionary was published, Allegra died in Hong Kong on 26 January 1976. His archived letters show his determination to translate the Bible into Chinese, yet, at times his letters show the softer side of a man who missed the provincial vallegrande turismo of church bells in Rome.

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