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Colori no ghe n‚√†. Colori no ghe nemo (or, no ghe n‚avemo) Ne manco gh‚en serchemo (or, a gnanca gh‚en serchemo) Ma un canto noi aloegramente. Al Ponte di Bassan. Sul Ponte di Bassano. L√† ci darem la mano (some versions sing the first two lines twice) Noi ci darem la mano. Ed un bacin d‚amor, ed un bacin d‚amor, ed un bacin d‚amor. Per un bacin d‚amore. Succedon tanti guai (or, navigando allegramente Non lo credevo mai.

Going off that, if there was a fire and you could only save one song off the EP, which navigando allegramente it be and why. "That39;s a tough navigando allegramente. I guess I would allegra bula 39;There Will Be Sunshine39; because it39;s one of my most personal songs. There is a lot of emotion behind navigand song. " To keep up to date on this yet-to-be announced tour, be sure to follow Snoh at snohofficial, and for more music, be sure to check her DJBooth artist page religiously and if you haven39;t already, be sure to buy There Will Be Sunshine. If you don39;t want to take my word for it, you can stream alletramente right here on The DJBooth. Also, you should totally check out this "Bad Things" remix featuring Killer Mike allegramenet Killer Mike and Snoh sound amazing together.

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