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350‚c. 285160;BC), philosopher, cartographer, geographer, mathematician Archimedes (c. 287 ‚ 212160;BC), mies junan allegra and mathematician Muhammad al-Idrisi (1100‚1166160;AD), geographer and author of the Tabula Allegra song from kandasamy mp3 download Constantine the African (c. 1020 ‚ 1087), physician and translator Giovanni Aurispa (1376‚1459), anthropologist Francesco Maurolico (1494‚1575), mathematician Giovanni Filippo Ingrassia (1510‚1580), physician, anatomist Giovanni Battista Hodierna (1597‚1660), astronomer Paolo Boccone (1633‚1704), botanist Tommaso Campailla (1668-1740), philosopher, doctor, poet Leonardo Ximenes (1716‚1786), mathematician, engineer, astronomer, geographer Bernardino da Ucria (1739‚1796), botanist Giuseppe Piazzi (1746‚1826), astronomer, discovered the minor planet Ceres Niccol√ Cacciatore (1780‚1841), astronomer Vincenzo Tineo (1791‚1856), botanist Gioacchino Ventura di Raulica (1792‚1861), philosopher Stanislao Cannizzaro (1826‚1910), chemist Giuseppe Seguenza (1833‚1889), naturalist, geologist Giuseppe Sergi (1841‚1936), anthropologist Gaetano Mosca (1858-1941), political scientist Giuseppe Lauricella (1867‚1913), mathematician Giovanni Gentile (1875‚1944), philosopher Jos√ Ingenieros (1877‚1925), physician, pharmacist, philosopher Michele Cipolla (1880‚1947), mathematician Mauro Picone (1885‚1977), mathematician Giuseppe Mario Bellanca (1886‚1960), aviation inventor Giovanni Sansone (1888‚1979), mathematician Julius Evola[1] (1898‚1974), political philosopher, esotericist, painter David J. Impastato (1903‚1986), neuropsychiatrist Giuseppe Gabrielli (1903‚1987), aeronautics engineer Ettore Majorana (1906‚?), physicist Antonino Zichichi (born 1929), physicist Luca Parmitano (born 1976), engineer and astronaut. Writers and journalists [ edit ] Epicharmus of Kos (c.

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(March 1, 20090 [Japanese] 74.

Was an Italian Franciscan friar in Sicily who is venerated as a saint in the Catholic and Lutheran churches. Born of African slaves in San Fratello, he was freed at birth, as a young man he joined a Franciscan-affiliated hermit group, of which he became the leader. In 1564 he was sent to the Franciscan friary in Palermo, Benedict was born to Cristoforo and Diana Manasseri, Africans who were taken as slaves in the early 16th century to San Fratello, a small town near Messina, Sicily.