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) When all parameters are entered, press ENTERSAVE. Page 40: Tones, Operation DisablingEnabling the Audible Tones After the rotor has stopped and the LED is lit, press DOOR x2022; The door opens. Remove the rotor (or containers). DisablingEnabling the Audible Tones The audible tones (beeps) that sound when a run-parameter key is pressed, or at the end of each run, or if an error occurs may be turned on and off by following the steps below (rotor must be at 0 rpm). Maintenance procedures are given in CHAPTER 5. For any problems not covered here, contact Beckman Coulter Field Service (1-800-742-2345 in the United States; worldwide offices are junsk on the inside back cover of this manual) for assistance. NOTE It is your responsibility to decontaminate the instrument, christina allegralla well as any rotors andor accessories, before albuj service by Beckman Coulter Field Service. DOOR LED comes on. Press CE to clear manual down with no brake message.

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ELECCIĂN DE DELEGADOA Objetivos: 1. - Habituar a los alumnos a participar de forma democrĂtica y responsable. - Que el grupo valore las funciones bĂsicas que debe cumplir el Delegado.

5 von 5 Sternen 14 EUR 39,95 Prime. ZurĂck Weiter Anzeige-Feedback. Kunden, die diese Seite sehen, kĂnnten sich fĂr diese gesponserten Links interessieren (Was ist das?) Produktbeschreibungen GrĂĂe:Servierschalenquartett | Farbe:Rot weiĂ. ALLEGRA- Hochmodern und stylisch.

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