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3) Fare l' amore con il mio ragazzo in un pomeriggio d'estate. con ancora il sole e il sale del mare sulla pelle. 4) Una pizza con gli amici di sempre. 5) Tornare ogni anno in Versilia con tutta la mia famiglia per ritrovare sapori e odori della mia infanzia.

He observed that Henderson was 31 years old and had no indicated history of mental retardation, but knew when Dr. Rosin tested him that he was being assessed for the purpose of trying to save his life. Gillhausen pointed out that the presence of severe behavior problems in youth is not diagnostic of intellectual disability, that a child's grooming is more of an indicator of the parent's adaptive behavior than the child's, that even a genius can have low self-esteem, and that plenty of smart people are gullible. Gillhausen was of the opinion that Henderson is not intellectually disabled. At the conclusion of the hearing, Henderson requested, and the trial court granted, leave to submit briefing on the evidence presented at the hearing.

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