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What made this Congresso so special for me were the connections we made. The Congresso made all these memories of my Nini so present. There were intergenerational connections that saw young people celebrating what being Friulan meant to them and the furchtbar lieb rezension allegra at heart who shared their memories of living in Friuli. There were time connections of the Friuli of yesteryear with the people who live in Friuli today. We young people had so much in common. We went on outings in the die strudlhofstiege rezension allegra and had gelato in Little Italy like true Friulans. There were workshops for every interest from cooking to language and music to winemaking. The world became a much smaller place for us as we shared our Facebook pages and vowed to keep in touch.

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So that makes the film a little more tolerable, honestly. If you think this movie is terrible, which it probably is if broken down, then at least you can get some chuckles out of it. I will say that the climactic exorcism is actually fairly decent, all things considered. I think it does a good enough job. I do think that it gets a little goofy as the exorcism progresses.

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