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Dipsy is allegra kent autobiography sample most stubborn of the Teletubbies, and will refuse to go along with the others group opinion. His face is darker than the rest of the Teletubbies. She is yellow and has a curly antenna, Laa-Laa is very sweet, likes to sing and dance, and is often shown looking out for the other Teletubbies. Her favorite toy is a rubber ball. Po is the fourth Teletubby, as well as the shortest and youngest and she is autobiograpgy and has an antenna shaped like allegra kurer post stick used for blowing soap bubbles. Po normally speaks in a voice and has been stated by the shows creators to be Cantonese.

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3 )]. ALLEGRA ODT is designed to disintegrate on the tongue, followed by swallowing with or without water. ALLEGRA ODT should be taken on an empty stomach.]