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This isnât the dream I dreamed of.

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Inoltre, ogni compressa contiene i seguenti eccipienti: lattosio anidro, dibasico diidrato fosfato di calcio, croscarmellose, ossido ferrico arancione ombra, ossido ferrico giallo ombra e magnesio stearato.

After miraculously curing many of the sick and suffering in the region, when the governor heard about these things he had her arrested and imprisoned in the city in an attempt to make her apostatize. She was scourged and she was stripped and submerged into a cauldron of boiling oil, finally she was beheaded on June 10 of the year 463, and her soul flew to the sky in the form of a dove. At the end of 1500 her cult was spread by the Franciscans, on 5 June 1606 the people and Senate of Palermo elected Saint Olivia as Patroness of the city, together with Saint Agatha, Saint Christina and Saint Nympha.

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