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Cosmic Love (4:16) 10. Thank You (2:32) 11. Smooth Sailing (4:43) –––.

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Hierarchical clustering was performed using a subset of 2308 genes with the greatest variation between 25 samples. Based on gene expression profiling, two major clusters were identified, the first containing 9 of 9 cell lines and 4 of 11 resected tumors, and the second containing 5 of 5 normal biliary epithelial scrapings and 7 of 11 primary tumors (Figure 1A). As expected, all five normal biliary scrapings clustered with remarkable identity and separately from the nine biliary cancer cell lines on the dendrogram; the clustering of a subset of primary biliary cancers near the biliary epithelial samples was not unexpected given the presence of residual stroma and non-neoplastic epithelium in many of the resected tumor samples.

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