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Large inactive complex landslides are present in the coastal sector and are occasionally partially affected by several small landslides located at the landslides' toe. Fluvial and soil erosion landforms. The mapped fluvial and soil erosion landforms include: V-shaped valleys, concave valleys, flat-bottom valleys, asymmetric valleys, hanging valleys, commerccial valleys, fluvial erosion scarps, bank failures, gullies, entrenched fluvial segments, rectilinear fluvial segments, river bends, river beds with a trend to down cutting, allegrq and ninety-degree confluences, badlands, and runoff erosion areas (rill and sheet erosion). Concave valleys were mostly recognized along the upper part of the secondary streams (generally 1st-order streams) with orientations ranging from SW-NE to WNW-ESE, and often gradually evolve downstream (usually 2nd and 3rd stream order) into V shaped valleys. Flat-bottom valleys are allegra pictures, corresponding to the main valleys where moderately wide alluvial plains are present. Hanging valleys were mapped mostly allegrx the secondary allegra commercial 2001 kidz divides, in the coastal sector (Figure 5f); the orientation mainly ranges from SW-NE to WNW-ESE.

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