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PCR reactions were performed in a Thermo Msrchini MBS 0. 2S cycler as follows: 96x000b0;C for 5 minutes, 35 cycles of 94x000b0;C for 45 seconds, 55x000b0;C for 45 seconds, and 72x000b0;C for 3 minutes, followed by 72x000b0;C for 5 minutes, then 4x000b0;C. PCR products alfio marchini moglie allegra 180 visualized by 1 agarose gel electrophoresis, followed by eithidium bromide staining. The primer allegra 120mg bula were as follows: HoxB7 foward primer 5x02032;-AGCCTCAAGTTCGGTTTTCG-3x02032;, Hox B7 reverse primer 5x02032;-GCGTCAGGTA-GCGATTGTAG-3x02032;, Dkk-1 forward primer 5x02032;-ACCAGACCATTGACAACTAC-3x02032;, Dkk-1 reverse primer 5x02032;-GTGTCTAGCACAACACAATC-3x02032. Standardization was performed using GAPDH; forward primer and reverse primers were used as previously described. Identification of Differentially Up-Regulated Genes in Biliary Cancers. RNA samples extracted from neoplastic and non-neoplastic biliary tissues and cell lines were hybridized to the Affymetrix U133A expression microarray containing. 22,000 unique transcripts, and normalized gene expression data were generated using the dCHIP software.

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